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Augmented reality research to inspire, educate, and communicate.

The technology

Our business is augmented reality holograms of people.
Using as little as a smartphone, our unique software automatically processes videos into high quality, life-like human holograms in augmented reality.

Latest projects

What does it take for entrepreneurs to succeed in the startup jungle? We feature in this film by The Economist about entrepreneurs,

HoloMe + RIXO London and the Fashion Innovation Agency

Partnering with the Fashion Innovation Agency and RIXO London, we used our software to bring the catwalk to you in augmented reality.

Read more about it in The TimesWired UK, Forbes, the Fashion Innovation Agency blog and Fashion & Mash.


Whether a marketing campaign with a business leader or social influencer, or a museum installation with interactive educational explainers – our life-like holograms are produced in the highest possible quality. The user-friendliness of our system allows anyone with a smartphone to effortlessly experience your message in augmented reality. Our technology can be integrated into existing apps or as a standalone smartphone solution.


Using only a smartphone, record your HoloMe message and beam it out to the world to be seen as a life-like hologram. Add filter effects to a full body hologram or use selfie-mode to impress your friends with your message in augmented reality. Our world-first technology is the future of mobile communication. In app stores soon. Send us an email below to stay in the loop.


Janosch Amstutz
Janosch Amstutz

Before founding HoloMe, Janosch managed global commodity supply chains in one of the world’s largest ferroalloy suppliers. He has also worked as a financial advisor in Switzerland, and as a business development consultant and seed investor in London.

Denis Islamov
Denis Islamov

Denis is an experienced computer programmer who has written complex software for nuclear power plant simulators and neurosurgery training. He has a Bachelor and Master’s degree in applied mathematics and is working on a PhD in programming.

Casey Fung
Casey Fung

Casey is a media lecturer and communications consultant who has previously worked as a television and radio news presenter. He has a Bachelor of Journalism and Master of Science Communication.

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